A Nod to Words

I read three blog posts today that got me thinking so I thought I’d share. I tried adding live links but couldn’t make it work (I’ll have to ask the teenager).

Terri Ponce, at http://www.terriponce.com talked about how she tried a different writing process, and it failed. That made me think about all the books on writing out there, that tell writers they have to write the exact same way as the author if they want to succeed. And how wrong that is. Creativity is unique and so is the process that creates that work of art. Luckily, since I simply cannot outline.

Lisa, over at http://www.satsumabug.com has a post about trying her hand at abstract painting. What was interesting to me, is how those attempts impacted the portrait she then followed up with. That got me thinking about how sometimes, if we step out of our normal habits and try something alien to our creative process, in the long run it can help us see our process clearer, see what works for us (or doesn’t work as in Terri’s example), and can even free us to do better.

If we try different things, we see our own creativity clearer.

And then, another Lisa, at http://www.lisaakramer.com had interesting thoughts on mourning celebrities, which led into a great discussion on grief and mourning and letting go. This was another post that left me thinking after I had finished reading her words. Especially about all the things we have to let go of, physically and emotionally, whether it’s a person, a process, a home. Do we mourn because that person or object is gone, or do we mourn selfishly, because they are no longer with us?

It is absolutely amazing to me how the internet has opened up exposure to all these wonderful people out there, with their wisdom and talents and humor. Much more so than the pen-pals of my youth! It never fails that, when I read a post by these bloggers I follow, that I’m left with little gems to hold and consider throughout the rest of the day.

Thank you.