The Turning of Days

Well, it’s here. 2018 has thankfully ended. Maybe 2019 will be better. But I’m not sure what is meant by ‘better’. Some things will never be better, like the loss of Sam this year. But maybe, even if some things don’t ‘get better’ other things will bring us moments of happiness. I’m not looking for joy, but we could sure all use some smiles. Maybe some laughter if we’re lucky.

The year has been hard for many friends and family. I hope the year has also included some moments of peace and circles of love. I hope those I care for found hugs when they needed it, like I did. I hope they found someone to wipe their tears and hold them up when they couldn’t stand on their own.

For those who had a wonderful 2018, I hope you keep that joy and find it increased in 2019. Thank you for taking that joy of yours and spreading it around, and allowing others to feel its warmth.

I’m going to try and find joy in 2019. I’m not too worried though. Because if I can’t find it on my own, I know those in my circle of life will share and I will bask in those moments like a tiny Twinflower in the woodland floor when a beam of sunlight makes it through the forest canopy.

There are so many ‘Happy New Year’s’ being voiced right now and I appreciate the sentiment behind the words. But this, found on the Facebook site ‘Contemplative Monk’ resonates with me so I’m going to share it here for its wisdom.

‘The old year is worn and tired. Time now to kiss it goodbye. Take with you its wisdom – the authority and the power of all you have learned. Remember the past year with love, but let go of its despair. Live the year that lies ahead with fresh energy and hope. Be strong, have courage. It is time now for something new.’

What is new ahead of us in 2019? Obviously I have no idea, but the sun is out melting the snow, ice is now water dripping from the tree branches, and change is in the cold and brilliant air. So let’s step out and see what we find.

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