Cinquain Challenge

Those who know me or read this blog have most likely realized I’m fascinated with poetry.  Probably because I can’t write it. 

So here’s my latest poetry comment.  I’d like to challenge you to write a Cinquain.  I’ve attempted this and laughed myself silly over the results and would love to see someone succeed where I fail.  Below is the description of a Cinquain and an example.  Can you create one?

A Cinquain is made up of five lines.  Line 1 is one word, a noun, and the subject of the poem.  Line 2 is two words, adjectives to describe the noun.  Line 3 is three words, verbs ending in ‘-ing’ to describe the noun.  Line 4 is four words, a sentence about the noun.  And Line 5 is one more word, either a noun or adjective related to the noun.

Personally, I’d like to smack the person who thought this up.  It’s torture.  Anyway, a sample is over on the sidebar.  I apologize for the structure in the sidebar; for some reason it’s not formatting the way I’m entering the words.  You should be able to tell the separate lines by the capitalization.

 Have fun and hope you share your results.

14 thoughts on “Cinquain Challenge

  1. I did read your post wrong the first time, so I came up with this:
    warm, soft
    running, trickling, falling,
    Through my right hand,
    into a glass to keep.

    I read that line 5 is supposed to be 5 words…

    I will make up another one with the right directions later.


    • I like this, and the last line made me laugh because five words is what you would assume from the previous directions. The first time I came across cinquains I assumed the same thing. Looking forward to your next attempt.


  2. I love sharing your blog with the family. . .so here’s what Lance came up with (by the way; you’ve completely exhausted his creativity) 🙂

    Gentle, majestic
    Living, breathing, growning
    Giving life from death

    Fresh, pure
    Falling, cleansing, rushing
    Creating art it flows


  3. I like the previous Cinquains submitted by your commenters. I couldn’t seem to find the sample on the sidebar, but I went ahead and gave one a try. (I think I might like to smack whoever came up with this, too!) Here’s my attempt:

    precise, imperfect,
    flowing, hesitating, inverting.
    Thoughtlessly commanded, they fail.


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