Favorite Blogs

Recently the author of a blog I enjoy listed mine as a favorite.  I decided to do the same because that compliment really brightened my day.  Thanks to Ré at Sparks in Shadow for the kind words and the idea.  Hope these links work; I’m figuring it out as I go.  If they don’t, I also have them listed to the right on this page in the Blog Roll.

So here are some blogs that I enjoy, besides Ré’s.

Dancing Beastie at dancingbeastie.wordpress.com  Life in a Scottish castle would have made me read this blog anyway, but the essays are so much more.  My absolute favorite is the Tuesday Tree, and I try to never miss a blog visit on that day of the week.  The blog also has many, many links that have sent me spinning into worlds so different from my own and introduced me to wonderful people.  Matter of fact, just browsing all the links keeps me on the computer much longer than I should.

Susan Schreyer’s ‘Writing Horses’ blog at writinghorses.blogspot.com  Susan is a good friend of many years and one of the three people I trust as first readers when I need honest opinions and critiques.  (The other two being my husband and friend/hiking partner/poet  Sabrina).  I got a kick out of recent posts where she interviewed the characters from her stories.

Lisa’s blog of art and words at satsumaart.wordpress.com Not being able to paint or draw, I greatly appreciate it in those who can.  When you add writing to the mix, you end up with a blog that I visit often.  Lisa and Ré, mentioned above, both give me thoughtful and insightful comments on posts that make me wish I could pull the post and rewrite it with all the new things they give me to think about.

Len’s Conversations With Self at carpediem202.blogspot.com Len is a wonderful, self-deprecating woman.  Her blog includes reviews of books and interviews with authors.  I enjoy those, but I enjoy more when Len herself stops in to visit and her words on her parenting challenges, her gentle outlook on life, and her kind humor shine through.

And finally, here’s a new one I just discovered thanks to the dancing beastie, and I can tell it’s going to be one I revisit often because it involves so many things I love.  whisperingearth.wordpress.com The author of this blog can even find native and wild plants to comment on when walking in the city.  But her words bring to the page one of the things I love about where I live, being surrounded by nature.

These are just a few of the blogs I like, but they are the ones I visit most frequently, and the ones I learn from.  Hope you enjoy them as well.  And now the sun is out finally and I am going to uncover the tomato plants, let the dogs out, and take them for a romp in the creek.

5 thoughts on “Favorite Blogs

  1. Thank you very much for the kind mention, Lisa! I visited Whispering Earth and know I’ll go back there again and again. Lisa, at Satsuma’s art blog, and I are friends so I’m familiar with the delights of her blog, but I can’t wait to get to the others you mentioned. I’m joining Rivenrod in thanking you for the introduction to these.


  2. Aww, Lisa. Sorry I wasn’t able to visit blogs for quite awhile and it’s only now that I’d seen this. Thank you thank you thank you for mentioning me here. That is very kind. It’s an honour to be mentioned by you. I’m trying to catch up on blogs tonight. I’m reading all your blog posts…and I’m loving all of them, especially the one on writing ideas. Hugs! 🙂


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