Warning: Probably Corny

I have been receiving writing prompts (thank you Lisa) but have only posted the results here once as I hesitate to share my shaky attempts.  With that said, one of the exercises was ‘What Runs Through My Veins Besides Blood’ and I want to post the result here.  No editing again, no chance to revise, and I think it’s corny.  But since it’s about writing, here goes, and feel free to skip to the end and tell me what runs through your veins.

My first gut reaction to the question was, of course, to answer ‘words’…

When I don’t write, when I choose the television, the book, the chores, I betray the gift, betray the words.

When I don’t write, when I give in to feelings of inadequacy, of limited ability, inexperience, I betray the story begging to be told.

When I don’t write, when I fear the untold story, fear not living up to its expectations, fear not being able to capture it, finish it, do it justice, I betray its soul, betray those living words.

When I don’t write, when I don’t feed words to my spirit, I betray myself, starve my being.

But when I do write, music fills that starving soul, the universe joins me, I soar, I am not alone, words bear me away into the story world, into dreams.

And when I do write, stress becomes manageable, troubles diminish, beauty comes into my world.

So then why do I not write every single second of every single minute?

Because it is too easy to forget, too easy to look away.  Until I start to write, I am only caught up in the stress of life.

Until that moment when I force myself to dip back into a story.

And then it all comes rushing back and I wonder, why did I ever walk away?

winter light

6 thoughts on “Warning: Probably Corny

  1. Corny is in the eye of the beholder. I see some of myself in what you wrote. As one who has to struggle to limit her writing (in order to sleep and therefore be better able to write) I don’t see corn here. Unless you’re talking about that wondrous plant before corporate farming tried to strangle it. In that case it’s gloriously, divinely corny.


    • This made me laugh. You’re right it’s in the eye of the beholder, and my eye is so critical of everything I write. The bad side of that is I don’t believe anything is good. The good side of that is that it makes me strive harder and edit stories more. Well, maybe that editing of stories isn’t a good thing. You know, when you keep taking out a comma and putting it back in?


  2. This is so wonderful! It is an example of your beautiful writing and its a pitty you dont see it yourself, because I love it! And I know I am not the only one…
    very fitting picture too.


    • The photo was taken last winter. That’s about as high as the sun gets over the ridge during the winter so we don’t see it too often. Thanks for the writing compliments, but you’re biased!


  3. you will always say that I am biased so you will never take anything good from me about your writing, but I tell you, that I only read what I like!!! I have lots of books in my shelf that I never finished…and you know I read a lot too, so I know what I like!


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