Brief Weather Post

Last week a friend posted a beautiful piece on snow at Her words made me long for snow, as up until that day, our winter had been mild. I even commented on how I was looking forward to the predicted snow we were supposed to get within a few days.

That was before a nightmare trip on the highway that took hours of negotiating spun out cars, trucks, and buses, driving sideways in the road in my own truck, and seeing trees come down. That was also before spending three days with no power, running the generator, feeding the wood stove, watching more trees come down, and chainsawing our way out. I regretted my comment on that blog.

Only momentarily.

Because today I did not have to run a child to school, do laundry, and run errands. Instead, the snow has given me a whole day to write. How wonderful is that?

The photo below doesn’t show the depth of the snow that much. We have three feet right now and it’s still snowing. I’m going to see if I can find a way to send it back to the sparksinshadow blog. After I finish writing, of course.

8 thoughts on “Brief Weather Post

  1. Hah, I remember Ré’s post and your comment on it. Universe has quite the sense of humor sometimes. Glad you are safe and writing!! That photo is incredible — as a lifelong mild-weather-Californian such scenes always look to me like Christmas cards.

    And speaking of winter scenes, I recently discovered this blog and he’s been posting some wonderful snow photos lately.


  2. Thanks for that link to the photography blog. There were some nice photos there. Here it’s still snowing, still no power, and a generator that’s starting to squeal in protest.


  3. No, no! I don’t want it. 🙂

    I’m so glad you’re all right after those nightmarish inconveniences and the trees falling. I’m dealing with deep cold inching it’s way now into every crevice of my house, and waiting for a promised 40 degrees on Sunday. I’m quite ready for Spring.


  4. We’re finally, finally having our first day of rain here. It’s been cold, but that’s all. I simply cannot imagine being buried under all that snow. How delicious not not have to go out, to look out at it from inside while you write. Delicious!


  5. I’ve experienced frozen snow – have slipped on it, have inadvertantly sat in it. But I’ve never seen snow in its freshly fallen pristine state, nor have I ever seen it falling. Is snow soft? Does it melt? I find that hard to believe.


    • It is soft, and it does melt, especially when flakes land on your face, eyelashes, skin. But then as it piles up it compacts down. If you sled on it you can pack it down, when you walk the same path it packs down. And it’s heavy as it accumulates. So the deep snow we have, up to my crotch, is difficult to wade through. You can’t walk on the top of it without snowshoes, so you have to push through, and if you don’t have gators it fills your snow boots and melts into your socks. If you fall over, it’s like landing on a firm pillow but is a real pain to get yourself up out of as there is nothing solid to push from. So if you do fall, you end up being entertainment for your family.



  6. Hi Lisa. As it Burns’ Night, I was looking over a post I wrote about it a couple of years ago (‘Immortal Memories’) and found your first comment on my blog underneath it. It got me musing on how much we had in common in our neurological battles – more, I think, than I recognised when I replied to your comment – and also on how far you have come since last spring. Reading your own posts, I see how confidently you are writing again (working on a sequel, no less!). It’s just lovely to see, and I just wanted to say, congratulations on finding your muse again, and may she never again leave you for so long.

    Oh and, despite your cautionary tale, I am so envious of your snow. We’ll take some of it for you! 😉


    • Great to hear from you! I just finished reading your Tuesday Tree post (a little late due to continued power outages). We’re managing baby steps across the neurological field, aren’t we? But at least there aren’t any land mines! If the muse ever leaves again I think I will be a bit more relaxed because the doctor was right; the creative side of the brain hides when we are in survival mode, but always comes back. I didn’t make it to a Burns celebration yesterday but I did wish him a happy birthday!


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