Traveling Tale Digression

Many years ago, I decided to travel to Scotland with a  friend. We had never even traveled to the big city of Seattle by ourselves, let alone a foreign country. But away we blithely went, with $500 in our pockets, for six weeks. The best advice I got prior to the trip was the reminder that everything that goes wrong just makes for a good story later.

That advice has come in handy many times over the years. When I’m in the middle of some drama, whether it’s traveling or simply broke down on the side of the highway, those words allow me to take a deep breath and find some humor in the situation. Granted, most times the humor isn’t found until days later when I’m retelling the story. Then the writer in me comes out.

But really, this time, my brother and his wife are testing that advice to its fullest. His boss gave them a cruise trip. All they had to do was pay the taxes. On a limited budget like all of us, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. They left last week. And now they are going to come home with a whopping story.

While on a walking tour in Italy, my sister-in-law fell and broke her hip. She’s healthy so this was quite a fall. And it appears the cruise ship then sailed away without them, without noticing that they had not come back with the tour. Today my sister-in-law had surgery for a full hip replacement, in Italy. They have another week to stay there (neither speak Italian), and then will be sent home. The cruise ship, thankfully, has agreed to pay for everything.

I think this tops any traveling tale I could come up with. These are the kinds of stories people tell all around us, from daily irritations to huge problems like having to stay behind in Italy for an extra week. And I have to admit, these are the things I take notes on. Bits and pieces that may show up in a story somewhere down the road. I’m going to have to thank my sister-in-law for giving me story fodder. Wonder what she’ll say.

3 thoughts on “Traveling Tale Digression

  1. OH MY GOSH!!! Poor her, please send her some greetings and get well wishes from me when you talk to them!!! I cant imagine what she goes through right now!!!
    My grandma always made sure to be insured with the German AAA so if something like this happened to her she would be transported in a private plane home to Germany for treatment. One of the things she told me about traveling that stuck with me. And oh she was one of those with lots of stories, like being in the 1989 earthquake in LA, etc. And when she took me along for one of those travels into the west I had a long story to tell about her and how obnoxious she was on that trip. Oh that reminds me of Death Valley and how the colors out there never showed as right on the pictures I took (to remember your last post).
    My own “greatest travel horror stories” are the ones when I moved to live in the US in 2003, getting stuck in the east coast black out on JFK airport in NYC and when I came to live in Canada when the family I went to kicked me out on the street after 4 weeks with 1h notice!
    A lot of times in those times somebody kind will help you out and even if you don’t stay in tough and never see that person again, they will stay in your mind just as much as your horror memory!!


  2. I can’t decide whether I want to come away from our travels with stories like this, or not!! Glad your sister-in-law is all right and won’t be out tons of money because of the fall!


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