My last post was about a writing prompt, asking me to write a love song to my body. I dared readers to take up the prompt and respond, and my sister did. Her response is within the comments of that post, and I wanted to pull it out and make it more visible. This sister has always been very gentle about prodding me along in life. Here’s her writing prompt response.

I love my body
This I can say
It took 60 years
To feel this way

I could not love
the strong young body
That lifted the car
Off of my Daddy

I would ingest poisons
Between my babies
In my twenties
My body kept on loving me

I love my body
That hugged cancer
Until it left
Stronger than the malignancy

I love the way
My body forgives
And lets me try
Again and again

My body is my dearest home
Housing my rocking mind
And aging bones
I love you body

What a wonderful prompt and powerful way to say good night. Thank you giver of prompts and dear sister for the challenge.

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