Lack of Self P.S.

When I wrote the last post I was laughing at myself. At the process I always go through before an event, at how silly that process is, and how I can’t seem to change that process. I wanted to get across how, in spite of the doubt beforehand, these types of events leave me feeling so rejuvenated and ready to jump into writing. How they leave me inspired by those around me.

I got several very nice comments to that post but I haven’t replied to many yet as I’m not sure how to go about it. Rather than most commenting on their own ways of dealing with nerves or on how these types of things can actually be productive, I ended up with a lot of reassurances and compliments.

I appreciate all of the support but it leaves me feeling odd because that wasn’t the intent of the post. I’m left feeling like I unintentionally went trolling for compliments. I don’t think I got my point across at all, about how silly I was and how I knew I was silly and how I can’t stop being silly this way. Instead, the way the post reads, it sounds rather like those Facebook posts I find annoying where someone says they need a hug and ask their friends to post a word or phrase saying what they think of the poster. I always resist the urge to type ‘Needy!’

Which I now realize is the appropriate word for how the original post here sounded. Which was far away from my original intent.

So thank you for all the support and wonderfully kind words. I do appreciate them, I just didn’t mean to ask for them.

4 thoughts on “Lack of Self P.S.

  1. It didn’t sound needy to me, but I find it impossible to read someone I admire feeling self-doubt (even if she’s aware of it, even if she knows it’s unwarranted) and not respond with assurances that she’s amazing 🙂 I know that isn’t why you wrote it.


  2. I totally second satsumaart in all the said, I agree 100%!!!! You didnt sound needy and you will never, just because you are not that kind of person!! We just know you and we are those kind of friends that like she said respond with assurance to try and settle your nerves. 😉


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