What Did You Just Ask?

I just finished a Frequently Asked Questions page dealing of course with writing. But sitting this evening looking for reasons to not work on book four, I started remembering other questions I’ve been asked, or been witness to. Such as…

My son (age 3) to my mother: ‘Do you have a vagina?’

My son to my mother: ‘Can I see?’

From a Sheriff’s Deputy, to me, as I climbed in the back of an aid car: ‘Can you check his breathing? He just ate his cigarette.’

From many, many people, variations of ‘What is that?!? A horse?’ as I walked my Irish Wolfhound.

miscellaneous 009

The one and only Strider

From a friend, during a walk with me, and asked with a certain note of rising panic: ‘Is that bear poop?’

Followed by: ‘What do you mean it’s fresh? How fresh?’

The romantic marriage proposal: ‘Don’t you need health insurance?’

winter 08-09 005

And he’s not short, folks.

Asked by a stranger from Scandinavia after hearing my American accent: ‘Do you have ice beers?’ (He meant polar bears; I wanted to give him directions to a bar.)

Asked by an ER doctor outside the hospital room where a young woman,  broken bones treated by me during a call, sustained as she tried to rescue her three year old daughter from raging whitewater, when the news came to us that the daughter died during the air lift: ‘Can you tell her? You’ve established a relationship with her.’

Me, very young and teary, asking my grandmother after a conversation with uncles: ‘Do freckles really come from walking too close behind cows?’

And so many more. What questions stay in your mind as the years go by?

One thought on “What Did You Just Ask?

  1. The one with the mother and daughter pierces my heart.

    I find myself unable for some reason to think of any memorable questions, only those important times in life when I’ve realized a vital one was answered (e.g., required love). As I told my OB during our first prenatal visit, when she asked if I had any questions, the biggest questions I have are unanswerable until the time comes.


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