Blog Life

This is how it goes.

It’s been two weeks! I need to post something!

What can I write about? What haven’t I already written about? What can I say that hasn’t been said, and said better? What’s going on in my life right now that might be interesting? (not much, by the way)

I need photos. People don’t read long narratives anymore. They skim and look for photos. I don’t have much variety. I need new pictures. But my camera was dropped (by me), and  broken in many pieces. I have to get a new camera and then wander around and take a bunch of pictures.


Wandering on vacation. Doesn’t this terrain beg for a murder mystery?

There’s still no idea simmering up from the layers of pressure and panic. I need to see what others are writing about so I need to go read blog posts first. That results in the inner critic rearing up to say ‘you’ll never write a blog post as good!’. I go hide in shame for a few days.


Searching for the elusive writer

Maybe if I skim Facebook real quick I might find some inspiration. Skimming Facebook! Like that ever happens. Facebook is a void that sucks you in until writing time disappears.

Maybe if I go read a new book first I might find inspiration. Or at least an excuse to write a review. But I’ve read all my books, many, many times. Okay, so I’ll add a trip to the library after the camera store. Then after taking pictures I’ll need to read the book. Or, what is more likely after a trip to the library, multiple books.

And so the days pass with the need to post something resting like a leech on my brain, sucking any creative juices dry.


Doesn’t get much drier than this. Even the house is dehydrated.

Blogs, and social media in general, are wonderful tools for authors. But they are there to share, to visit, to chat – at least in my opinion – and when used simply as a medium to sell books, they fail. And when they become something that feels more like a chore, or something that takes time away from actual writing, they also fail.

Luckily this never feels like a chore, as much as I joke around about it. And now I’ve completed a blog post and get a reprieve for a few days. I could write, but I still have that stack of books waiting to be read. And that new camera.

all three

Not taken with the new camera – that’s me in the middle

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