Sadness In The Bones

I recently discovered Hafsa’s blog ‘Safe Place’ and I’m so glad I did. What beautiful, lyrical words. But most importantly, it’s honest writing. And because of its honesty, because of its ability to touch emotion, many readers will breathe out a sigh of relief and say ‘finally, someone put it into words’. Bravo, Hafsa.

Here is her recent post, ‘Raw’.

There’s a certain kind of sadness that can make home out of my bones. There’s a certain kind of silence that can enslave my entire existence. A deeply embedded sense of loss that takes hold of every flicker of hope and blows it out. There’s a certain type of darkness that then envelopes my being. […]

via Raw — Safe Place

2 thoughts on “Sadness In The Bones

    • It took me right back to the two years after radiation when my brain chemistry was all messed up and there was this deep, deep sadness that most people never saw. But it was there. And occasionally it shows back up.


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