Sunshine On My Shoulders

I try very hard to not ‘market’ on this blog post because selling isn’t the purpose of writing here. So please understand that this is a post of excitement rather than pushing a product.

Sunshine On My Shoulders is now live on Amazon! You writers out there understand the excitement because you know the long process from creation through revision, through editing, through more revision to the final point where you just have to let go.

So I’ve managed to let go. Though I want to go back for one more read-through because there’s always that one last typo you missed.

But for today, I’ve tossed the child to the world.


14 thoughts on “Sunshine On My Shoulders

    • I’m always afraid to see the hard copy. I have a hard time looking at the book once it’s left my hands. I don’t go back and read them again, either. Partly because I’ll see things I want to change. I don’t think the editing is ever done.


    • Thanks Loretta. Amazing how hard it is. On one hand you’re heartily sick of the whole project, you’ve read it way too many times and want to move on the new exciting idea. But on the other hand you know it’s not quite perfect. Or that in a month or a year your writing will hopefully have improved, so maybe you should just wait and revise again…but it’s gone now so we’ll see what happens!

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  1. Looking for interesting blogs, I found yours a few days ago on my WP reader, and just now left a comment there about heading over to Amazon to check out your Sunshine On My Shoulders. I kindly accepted your free for kindle The Memory Keeper – as all things memory fascinates me. I just read the acknowledgements page, and love your husband and son. Read the first page, writing so beautiful I’m hooked. When I finish it I’ll leave a review and also buy your Sunshine. I’m glad I met you.


    • Thanks, Ann. After The Memory Keeper is Sparrow’s Silence. The third book, Ghost Roads, is actually a prequel to The Memory Keeper, but you don’t have to read it first. In a lot of ways it helps to read it after the others. Sunshine then picks up where Sparrow’s story left off. I hope you like them. I always get nervous when I hear someone is reading them! And thanks for the offer of a review – those are so valuable for writers.


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