7 thoughts on “Do You Remember?

  1. I was JUST thinking about that the other day!! I think I must have been in a “special” reading group, pulled out for tutoring in a converted closet. I remember the Little Golden Book about a dog. A Cocker Spaniel! I was SO PROUD. I read that book to anyone who would stand still.


  2. You have such better memories than me! I can’t recall that “ah-ha” moment. I do recall when I found out there was a wonderful world beyond Dick and Jane and their long-suffering Spot (Dick and Jane were so boring. They never did anything exciting!). The book was Blaze Finds the Trail, by C.W. Anderson. Loved all those adventures. I think it was the first time I put myself in the protagonist’s shoes (or saddle, as the case may be).


    • I’d forgotten those Blaze books! I loved the Scholastic book fairs, when the newspaper-style flyer came out with all the books listed so you could figure out what you wanted to order. And then saving up to have my fifty cents, or seventy-five cents to be able to order something. Still have some of those books. It was like a whole world of stories right there for the choosing.


    • I know; I keep trying to remember that first book that started it all, and instead I start remembering the long, long, long list of favorites and then want to re-read them all, and then…I do clearly remember the first time I learned the power of a story though. Telling a whopper in front of my kindergarten class during show-and-tell, about me saving the woods from bad guys who were going to burn them down. Kids were in awe (teacher not so much).

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