I Love My Subconscious

But my subconscious doesn’t trust me. It doesn’t seem to think I’m smart enough to figure things out on my own.

Sometime in the wee hours last night I dreamed about a hornet. And a couple carpenter ants. And some earwigs. In the dream I’d moved some books and they all came out. They were crawling on me trying to sting and bite and I was madly trying to get them off me.

You know how nightmares go. When you describe something in the daylight after the fact, the dream sounds silly and you wonder why you were so scared. But during the dream you’re terrified.

My subconscious, though, didn’t seem to care that I was in the throes of panic trying to get the hornet off my arm.

Get this. In the middle of the dream, a, calm voice intrudes and says ‘this is what your character needs to feel right now’.

Geez. Even in my dreams I’m thinking about writing.

So now the tea is cold and my fingertips are numb because I’ve been madly typing for the past three hours.

I’m so glad my subconscious is smarter than me.

5 thoughts on “I Love My Subconscious

  1. How fantastic! I often dream of painting, in fact I did last night. I’ve noticed lately that while dreaming I’ll say to myself “I’m dreaming”. I wonder if we can use this awareness in our dreams to become lucid dreamers. I have been very interested in lucid dreaming for a while now. I find the possibility very exciting! Can you imagine what you could write about and I could paint then?!


    • I have such an active dream world. I’ve actually dreamed a few things that I thought would translate into good stories. My imagination just doesn’t seem to turn off when I go to sleep! Sounds like yours is the same. It would be cool to see paintings that came from your dreams.


      • I have talked about painting my dreams on my blog and have painted certain things out of my dreams. One that I have yet to paint and still remains on my someday list is a dream where I was a purple man., that is what my post was about. I think as creative people, we might have overly active dreams and imaginations. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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