Devious Sisters

She looks sweet and innocent, doesn’t she?

Holly & blanket

All those cute little curls. The baby of the family.

Holly Easter 1965

But oh no. Don’t let that sweet smile fool you.

This weekend we went on a little trip to see her new house. And a beautiful place it is, too. While there we did some canning together, visited, laughed over old stories. She asked me if I wanted a wool blanket, and I made the mistake of saying ‘sure!’. After all, you never know when the big quake will hit and you’ll need blankets. I also agreed to take a very few small knick knacks that belonged to Aunty, who was like our grandmother.

But the little sweet and innocent baby sister is a sneak.

In the box were more things. Old things. Things she didn’t want, but didn’t have the heart to get rid of herself since they have emotional attachments. Things that belonged to our mother, or to Aunty.


Stamp on the bottom is a spider web with a star in the middle and the letter ‘W’ in the middle of the star. Then there’s ‘7 d’ stamped above the spider web.

Things I didn’t agree to take.


Very 1970s. Used to hang in our bathroom. Not going to hang in mine.

And now I’m stuck with them because they have emotional attachments. I decided to take them to the thrift store but my husband thinks all this is just hilarious. Of course he does.


Gold inlay, no less

He doesn’t dust.


The sweet little stinker has no idea what she’s just started. I believe I have some old things around here that I can sneak into a box that might head her direction.

4 thoughts on “Devious Sisters

  1. Be careful with the one upping….it can really backfire and in a huge way. Years ago when our kiddos were toddlers I innocently bought my nephew a pull behind xylophone (he wanted it)….my brother then got my daughter a rhythm band which led to my giving my niece a pair of tap shoes(they had hardwood floors) which led to the gift from hell….a laughing clown etc.etc etc. We laugh about it now but oh let me tell you, holidays and birthdays became a little nerve wracking wondering what would be the kiddos next best loved, loudest noise making, torture device. Thanks for joggling that memory


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