There are so many times when I am blown away by another’s gift with words. Where I just have to pause and breathe, and take in the beauty of something that touches, so honestly, the author’s emotions. Sometimes it’s not even the words themselves, but the power those words have to also resonate with us.

With permission from the author, Amy Jones, here are some of those words, shared from her blog, Into the Deep. I don’t know Ms. Jones and I never knew her son, Caleb. But I respect her honesty in these words and her strength in being able to write them. And I speak Caleb’s name here on purpose, so that we remember. Please click on the link below to read her blog post.

One thought on “Dance

  1. Thank you so much, Lisa. ‘Into the deep’ is my only place where I share my journey so openly about the loss of my only son. My heart smiles to know it has touched your heart. 💟💟


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