Lisa Stowe provides professional, confidential, honest and constructive editing services for fiction and non-fiction (excludes poetry and screen plays).


  • Work over 1,000 words  is $10.00 per 1,000 words.
  • Under 1,000 words the fee is $15.00 per page, which is negotiable depending on the project.

Materials may be submitted online or in hard copy through snail mail.  For more information or for references, feel free to contact Lisa via email.  Please make sure ‘edit‘ is in the subject line.


Outlaw Creek

4 thoughts on “Editing

    • I do. I like to have an ‘unofficial’ synopsis included, something like the author’s story of the story, so that I have a feel for what the piece is about beyond the ‘official’ work of the query letter or synopsis. A nice little chatty accompaniment that gives me an idea of the target audience, the author’s dreams for the story, and how the author sees the piece, if that makes sense. And Robin, thanks again for the thoughtful words on Re’s blog.

  1. You’re very welcome, if I can help at all, I always try. Let me finish up the last bit of my edits and I’ll be sure to send you the documents. What is the best way to contact you?

    • Hi Robin: You can get hold of me through my email at wordmuse@yahoo.comfor anything, especially chatting about writing. You can email the documents, too, or if you want to send through the regular mail let me know and we can do that, too. Lisa

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