‘The Drowning Boys’ by Mary Mackey

I am posting Mary Mackey's poem here as the sidebar is getting crowded but I don't want to remove the poem from the blog as it is such an integral part of the interview that follows. If you are intrigued by this poem please read the three part interview with its author. 
'The Drowning Boys'  (From 'Sugar Zone' by Mary Mackey)

Down to the Farol do Barra on the Bay of All Saints
out to the raw sugar beaches of Jaguaribe and Itapuã
stomachs empty as charity
bare feet coated with salt and the mud of melted hills
Eles estão chegando here they come
the drowning boys/as moleques da rua
from Susuranna, Favela de Alagados,
Maciel/Pelourinho coming in packs
like dancing saints their faces bright as the mirror
Iemanjá holds when she walks on the waves

as crianças sem esperança     the boys without hope

how gently they will touch our wrists
as they unstrap our watches
how carefully they will turn us over
as they empty our pockets & push us under

these children who don’t fear death
children who in another life
we might have loved

Reproduced here with permission from Mary Mackey.  Please respect the author's work and do not copy, print, or reproduce without her permission.

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