3 thoughts on “Branding

  1. I am not quite sure if I got what the difference is but if I would find a word for you that describes your books its the mountains. You called it the mountain mysteries series and thats what I would label you with. You know, like HMR, like the North West, rough, scruffy, green…
    Maybe thats my label of you in general. But that is actually most of what I read from you. And if it is not directly in the mountains it is still rough, scruffy, green and rocky. At least in my mind…
    Even if it is on the coast, I could never see a story of you play on a warm sunny, sandy beach with turquoise water. But then the Highlands totally fit! šŸ˜‰


    • What a compliment! Rough, scruffy, green. Rough and scruffy would also label my favorite kind of man. And you’re right, I’d never be comfortable somewhere warm, sunny, and sandy. Now a beach that is stormy and rocky like the Oregon coast, that sounds appealing.


  2. Ugh, I always have trouble summing up my “brand” too, though other people are often very good at offering things that I make them think of. Recently one of my former writing instructors redid his website and I loved the way he presented himself not as a writer or a visual artist, but as a multidisciplinary artist whose work touches on several recurring themes. I made a note to think about my own work in that way, at some point, and maybe revamp my own site to reflect these themes.

    I do think your writing has a wonderful sense of place. In fact, this is mildly embarrassing, but until I read your books I never had any kind of consciousness of a northwest mountain culture/landscape/world — I simply didn’t think of that area at all, except to know that Seattle is around there. That shows my limitations as an urbanite, I guess, and urbanites hate thinking there are things they don’t know… šŸ˜‰ But truly, you’ve brought whole communities to life for me, and that’s one of the many reasons I love your work. šŸ™‚


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